MBA in Ireland for Indian Students

With the increase in the hype about MBA and institutions providing the same, students are confused about which place to go. Doing an MBA from an internationally recognized university or college is the dream of all those who wish to pursue an MBA in Ireland. Choosing to do an MBA abroad gives the students vast experience in an international setting and increases their professional connections. Although all the countries are in the race to provide the best international MBA degree, Ireland is doing the finest. MBA in Ireland for Indian students is a golden opportunity where they save time and their hard-earned money.

Why should Indian students study MBA in Ireland

MBA in Ireland for Indian students is a win-win situation. Not only do Irish universities provide a shorter MBA, but it costs half the amount it would cost in top countries like the US, the UK, etc. Irish universities have the facility to complete the MBA in one year. The semester-based MBA from Ireland provides the student with all the necessary knowledge and skills to become industry ready. The curriculum is designed to impart practical knowledge to help the students apply to their professional field and ace the same.

Why Ireland?

  •  Internationally recognized degrees
  •  Shorter course duration
  •  Affordable tuition fees
  •  High standards of teaching and education
  •  Increased career opportunities
  •  Education meets the competitive economy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is Ireland good for MBA for Indian students?

Post-study work opportunities, Shorter duration of courses, and high-quality education are some of the major reasons why Indian students choose Ireland for an MBA program. An affordable fee structure as compared to the US and the UK and an attractive ROI also add to the huge rush of applications from India for the course in Irish b-schools. According to studies, Indian students with MBA degrees from Irish business schools have a higher chance of better job opportunities & are more likely to receive an increase in annual pay.

2. How much does an MBA cost in Ireland?

MBA in Ireland extends over a range of 1 to 2-year periods. For an international student, an MBA in Ireland may cost around 10,000 – 36,000 EUR (8 lakhs – 31 lakhs INR) for the full duration of the course. Compared to other popular Study Abroad Destinations, Ireland offers an MBA program with an affordable Tuition fee for international students. Other expenses include accommodation, food, & transport.

3. In which country MBA is low-cost?

An MBA is a good career choice to make, but finding an affordable country to study low-cost MBA can be quite challenging. Germany is considered one of the cheapest countries to provide an MBA at a low cost. Approx. 111 Euro to INR 9,000 equivalent is the fee for one semester for the MBA Course. Some of the cheapest countries to study MBA at low cost are Canada, Norway, Germany, Ireland, France, & Sweden.

How much does it cost to do an MBA in Ireland for Indian students?

MBA in Ireland for Indian students is an affordable alternative to other countries. The tuition fees of Irish universities are more economical and don’t put unnecessary pressure on finances to complete the course. Trinity College Dublin charges a tuition fee of €35,287 for one year full-time MBA. On the other hand, University College Dublin charges €34,000 for the same. A 2-year Part-time EMBA from Dublin City University will cost €51,000, and the same will cost €20,000 from Technological University Dublin.

Is it easy to get a job in Ireland for Indian students?

Indian students can secure a job in Ireland via Ireland’s work permit. Ireland’s work permit is divided into two categories: Ireland General Employment Permit and Ireland Critical Skills Employment Permit. The latter is provided for two years and can be renewed based on performance. It can lead the path to Ireland’s Green Card and open the entire EU as a professional opportunity for you. The general permit allows the candidate to work on a minimum of 30,000 Euros per year. With an offer letter and job promise of 2 years of sustainability, this permit is for those who wish to gain international experience on Irish soil.

Is IELTS required for Ireland?

The list of eligibility required to Study in Ireland for Indian Students includes the academic IELTS. IELTS is necessary for gaining a visa and admission to Ireland. An IELTS score of overall six bands and no band less than 6. For postgraduate programs, however, the required overall band is 6.5, with no band less than 6.

MBA in Ireland requirements

There are varying requirements for getting admission into various Irish universities. However, some standard conditions are an undergraduate degree with 65% marks or above, a solid managerial experience with a minimum experience of 3 years, a GMAT score of 500 and more, and an IELTS overall band score of 6.5 with no section below 6. These requirements might change depending on the chosen college. It is advised to go through the college’s website to understand the precise needs to pursue MBA in Ireland for Indian students.

MBA in Ireland without GMAT

For most Irish universities, it is a requirement to score 500 and above on the GMAT test. But, there are colleges that judge candidates on their experience. Some colleges like Dublin Business School and Griffith College Dublin don’t require applicants to pass the GMAT test.

Cheapest MBA in Ireland for international students

Some of the affordable universities in Ireland are:

  •  Dublin Business School
  •  Griffith College Dublin
  •  National College of Ireland
  •  Letterkenny Institute of Technology
  •  Maynooth College
  •  University College Cork
  •  Dundalk Institute of Technology






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